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What We Offer?

The most important step towards modernizing and achieving your targeted cost saving starts with choosing the right solution. Welcome to MIRAT solution suite where you can select components of your choice based on your IT needs. The costing options are flexible. Identifying and implementing the right service management solution is just the beginning and the measurable impact on the effectiveness of the solutions depends on achieving continuous top-notch service delivery without disruptions.

The versatility of MIRAT is the terms of adopting to your company’s exiting processes and systems that make the product a key differentiator from that of the rest in the market. MIRAT will onboard your engineers in no time and give complete control of managing the suite of products from a single console.

Key Differentiators

MIRAT has a market advantage by providing the well-known ITSM solutions of Service Desk Support, Asset Management, and Process Automation combined with the environment Monitoring and Incident Life Cycle Automation with ingenious Self-Healing mechanism.

The core strengths of MIRAT have been the extended partnership with companies that had always enabled them to serve better to their customers. The holistic innovative solution ‘A-THRIVE’ platform has been flagship product that had made the companies self-competent on maintenance and customization.

MIRAT acts as a single platform with consistent and intuitive user experience for all of yours and your customers’ entire IT service lifecycle. The product suite is lightweight and powerfully simple, available through any browser. Built on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), offers complete flexibility to configure to your custom needs. Its unique feature of dynamically tracking configuration relationships helps to not only define and manage IT processes and services in one system but combined with A-THRIVE enables the engineers to quickly identify the issue across the multilayers/ environments.

The suite of products is availed for you to test and decide at free of cost. The initial setup and onboarding of your infrastructure is offered at free of cost to the satisfaction of your engineers, processes, and your customers.

  • »Harnessing the power of Uni-Agent for all ITSM functionalities
  • »Lightweight yet powerful and versatile monitoring module with Auto Calibrator
  • »Single monitoring console of all the happenings across the environment at different layers
  • »Easy means of Symptoms Correlations across the environment
  • »Take control of all your scripting needs and maintenance from a single window with readily defined template designs
  • »A-THRIVE – Unique automation container that caters to all the automation needs across all technologies with reusable functionality across platforms
  • »Integrated Asset Management with unique pattern scripts and Inventory CMDB with custom mapping