Deployment Management

In today's age where activities are conducted within a blink of eye, carrying out tasks manually is a sluggish process. It is, therefore, automating the processes becomes a necessary approach. As the word suggests, Automation As A Service automates all the IT and business processes. How does it help? Automation of tasks results in liberating the organization of the need for recruiting manual labour. Manual labour is a slow-paced and tedious task. Automating the processes, thereby, leads to faster performance of the tasks as well as reduction in the cost. It also reduces errors in the processes, as most errors occur due to physical intervention.

Here, since we are speaking of infrastructure automation, the process includes scripting environments beginning from installing an operating system, to installing and configuring servers on instances, to configuring how the instances and software communicate with each other, etc. By scripting environments, you can apply the same configuration to a single node or to thousands, hence making the job simpler and faster.

Novel believes in offering the best automation platform for a seamless and easy-to implement experience. For further information about the platform's features, contact our Support Team.

Key Features

  • »End users may avoid duplication by consuming the same script available in the repository
  • »Access may be granted based on the scope and role
  • »Code repository may be integrated with existing Version Controllers
  • »Developers, SMEs, and contributors may contribute scripts
  • »Any script may be exposed as REST API