Deployment Management

Most of the companies move towards automation since manual labour is a slow-paced and tedious task. Automation leads to faster performance of tasks, reduction in costs, and reduce errors in processes.

We are speaking of infrastructure automation that includes scripting environments beginning from installing an operating system, to installing, and configuring servers on instances, to configuring how the instances and software communicate with each other etc. Make your job simpler and faster by scripting environments and apply the same configuration to a single or multiple node.

MIRAT Deployment management is a part of automation as a service for a seamless and easy implementation experience.

Key Features

  • »End users may avoid duplication by consuming the same script available in the repository
  • »Access may be granted based on the scope and role
  • »Code repository may be integrated with existing Version Controllers
  • »Developers, SMEs, and contributors may contribute scripts
  • »Any script may be exposed as REST API

Why to choose MIRAT:

MIRAT Deployment Management Tool helps you not only service point of view but also works out on your business perspective.

Its integrated deployment solutions deliver:

  • »Avoid 80% human logins.
  • »Save 40% - 60% of man hours from the process of deployment
  • »Proactive monitoring and get live analytics on the performance of systems.
  • »Enhance speed, quality, and consistency in the entire infrastructure.
  • »Come down the total cost of ownership by saving man-hours.
  • »Our continuous services avoid the time gap in your business process.

See the other feature, the Self-Healing which is a part of automation as a service