Active Directory

With MIRAT, manage the performance of your Active Directory environment.

Feature Details

Automated IP address tracking :

Use active scanning to discover and track subnets and associated address blocks, and view transient IP addresses to easily identify abandoned IP addresses and reclaim them.

  • »User account: Account creation, password change, reset attempts, disabled and deleted user accounts etc.
  • »Security policy: Domain/system policy changes, data recovery etc.
  • »System: Firewall setting/other system changes, currently running services.

Track LDAP sessions

By keeping an eye on the NTDS object counter, you will be able to know the number of clients connected to an LDAP session. The server and application monitors will provide details of monitoring these sessions. As server load can be severely affected by the number of clients connected simultaneously; monitoring the NTDS object counters ensures the absence of server overload connected to a specific LDAP session. You can also gain insight into various LDAP statistics like LDAP active threads, bind time, client sessions, successful binds/sec and searches/sec.

Prevent replication services from failing

A number of directory services like replication are important to maintain high availability of Active Directory servers. MIRAT notifies you when your directory server fails to replicate (which prevents end-users from accessing files and folders). You are also provided with detailed statistics related to the performance of various directory services like Distributed File System, DFS Replication, Intersite Messaging, DNS Client, Windows Time, RPC, Server/Workstation, Active Directory Domain, etc.