Application Insight

Application Insight helps in learning about the performance and usage of the app. As the name suggests, our solution helps you to gain an insight into the metrics of the concerned application. It could be CPU usage or power usage, an insight into the performance of different metrics can be procured.

Novel's Application Insight feature provides the data in the form of a graphical representation, as shown in the image under Feature Highlights mentioned below. Application Insight is an invaluable resource to understand an app's performance.

Feature Highlights

Application Insights

Feature Details

The image above is a Four Blocker Graph that is a graphical demonstration of Heap Memory, Loaded classes & Threads, CPU and Memory of a particular environment (TestMirat) and a particular application (Client-Web-Test) at a selected date and time.

The first block showcases the usage of Heap Memory against the selected time period. Heap Memory is meant for dynamic memory allocation. Total, used and free memory is quantified in different colors. The second block represents loaded classes and number of threads against the selected time period. The third block displays percentile CPU usage against a time period while the fourth block represents percentile memory usage of metric against the chosen period of time.