Hardware (HP, DELL, IBM)

Server Hardware monitoring may be painful as different vendors provide different tools, and also the process requires different mechanisms to detect the real hardware failures. However, MIRAT is empowered to detect all the hardware issues using a single console, event IDs (Windows), logs (Strings), Linux using MIRAT agent, and remote usage of SNMP in Hypervisors through Vcenter logs.

MIRAT offers flexibility to choose an agent or agentless hardware monitoring. With our 18 years of experience, we provide templates for each hardware set separately or a single Base Health Ware Template to help detect all hardware-model actionable events.

Feature Details

What MIRAT monitors and detects (issues) in a minute:

  • »Fan
  • »Power Supply
  • »Memory
  • »CPU
  • »Array Controller Battery
  • »HDD
  • »Cash Module
  • »Temperature
  • »Storage