Incident Management

Our Incident Management solution restores the functioning of unplanned disruptions. The incidents are captured and sent to the concerned IT service desk for resolving the incident. With it, the complete information about the incident is accompanied. It offers a quick restoration turnaround time. Novel's incident management solution is designed in a way that the end-user is allowed to view the status and every activity related to the escalated Incident.

Incident management is a defined process for logging, recording and resolving incidents. The goal of incident management is to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible and minimize the adverse impact on business operations, thus ensuring the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained.

Feature Details


Failing to implement incident management may result in

  • »An unnecessary severity of incidents and increased likelihood of impact on other areas
  • »Frequent reassessment of incidents from first principles rather than referring to existing solutions, such as knowledge database
  • »Lack of coordinated management information

  • »Mitigates the risk of unplanned costs and labor for both business and IT support staff
  • »Capacity to detect and resolve incidents, resulting in lowering the downtime of the business, in turn, resulting in increased availability of service
  • »Can line up IT activity to real-time business priorities
  • »Identifies the potential areas for improvement


Incident Management manages all the events from disruption to the service by communicating them directly to the users through an interface using Incident Management tools or service desk.