Network Monitoring

It separates the Operating Systems and apps from Computer Hardware. The arrangement allows the host machine hardware to operate more than one virtual machine. This implies that the virtual machines share the system's physical compute resources - Processors, memory space, network bandwidth, etc. In other terms, a Hypervisor may be named a Virtual Machine Monitor.

Feature Details

  • »Custom based monitoring
  • »Standard monitoring
  • »GUI - to create custom monitoring
  • »GUI - create standard monitoring; Group individual monitors as a profile
  • »Deploy profile based on Hardware/Manufacturer/Model
  • »Integrated with CMDB
  • »Live discovery and Port Mapping for object relationship
  • »Bandwidth Analyser
  • »Traffic Analyser
  • »Filtering by device level bandwidth utilization
  • »Filtering by user level bandwidth utilization
  • »Live network discovery
  • »Security configuration discovery