Operating System Insight

Our Operating System Insight solution helps to calculate CPU and memory usage in your organization's IT infrastructure. The insight takes into consideration the 95th Percentile Trend Scorecard view which is based on studying the data samples collected for a period of time. Operating System Insight is crucial to learn about the resource utilization so as to carry out the required changes if the resources run out of capacity.

Feature Highlights

OS Insights

Feature Details

In the image displayed above, the Four Blocker Graph represents the utilization of CPU - what, why and the history of the usage - against a period of time (horizontal co-ordinate) and usage (vertical co-ordinate). You may select the server or any metric apart from CPU from the drop-down menu on the top of the application.

The first block represents the percentile, maximum, minimum and average usage of CPU over the selected time period. There is a representation of the usage of CPU as well.The second block is a graphical representation of 'why' of the usage of CPU.The third block is a representation of real-time activity of CPU that displays the usage of CPU graphically.The fourth block displays the history of selected server. The number of tickets generated and the number of hours spent in resolving them are represented in the form of colored bars.