Performance Capacity & Analysis

MIRAT identifies, collects, monitors and reports on the overall operational health of IT infrastructure, to help the organization to understand and evaluate the performance of its systems.

Monitoring the performance of your IT infrastructure can help you detect underlying problems before they mutate into something big and have an adverse effect.

The image on the right has CPU as the metric that is being analyzed. From other dropdown options, the server, date & time, and duration (at which the data is to be collected) are selected.

Feature Highlights

Feature Details

The first graph represents the Area Chart which is generated by selecting the metrics (for which the performance has to be analyzed) as X and Y co-ordinates, respectively.The graph will be generated highlighting the entire information area.

Similarly, a Line Chart will be generated that will showcase the information in the form of a line.The table at the bottom is a comprehensive compilation of other metrics apart from those chosen from the dropdown menu.