Ping and Heart Beat Monitoring (Composite)

Heartbeat monitoring feature helps to complement the agent-based monitoring of system health and the event logs. Heartbeat monitoring enables to monitor remote hosts from a central location. Operation Engineer expects an actual problem rather than generating false/positive or duplicate alerts. So, the Ping and HeartBeat correlation would help to generate a notification with actual symptoms.

Ping identifies the network problems, server hard crashes, NIC crash, or any other unexpected shut down issues. Therefore, Ping is essential to monitor and notify the support teams to take an action.

You will be notified when the server responds to a Ping, but does not behave the way it should when the resources are running out.

You may monitor Pings for:

  • »Server
  • »Console (ILO, DRAC, IMM)
  • »On-board Administrator (BLADE CHASSIS)
  • »Media Gateway servers.

What we monitor in Ping Monitor:

  • »Loss Percentage
  • »Status
  • »Max RTT (Maximum Round Trip Time)
  • »Min RTT (Minimum Round Trip Time)
  • »Received Packet
  • »Avg RTT (Average Round Trip Time)
  • »Sent Packet