Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Many organizations are getting negative impacts of recurring problems, and many also struggle with how to proceed with formally investigating each major problem. MIRAT implemented strong problem-solving strategy with the standards of ITIL. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) plays a vital role to find and diagnosis the root cause of a problem or event in the ITSM.

Its threshold criteria recognize and quickly define problems when they occurred. It is a method used to address a problem or non-conformance to get the root cause of that particular problem. Its main aim to not only figure out where the issue came about but it also strives to respond to it and then find a way to prevent it from happening again in the future.

It is highly useful for the software development and information technology. It fastens to find out the actual cause of the problem, but not just pinpoint factors that contribute to the problem or event. RCA effectively performs when accomplished through a systematic process with conclusions backed up by evidence. It identifies WHY the eventoccurred and not who made the error.

Key Features

  • »Ensures a live root cause and status of the particular incident / asset.
  • »Facilitates to search a root cause with different combinations and customized searching options.
  • »User can use MIRAT's unique feature of self-healing workflows to prevent issues based on RCA.
  • »The RCA brings the issue in a simple tree diagram that the user can easily understand at a glance
  • »It provides different ways to diagnosis the root cause.