Self Healing / Orchestration

An IT infrastructure is a complex set up that may be difficult to handle, given the number of processes and functions involved in the successful functioning of the IT set up. It is, therefore, understood that there would be too many incidents and changes that will arise. And when there is an incident or change, most of the set ups require a formal procedure of resolving the incident by registering the incident and then routing it through the concerned individuals and teams.

However, Novel's Self-Healing/ IT Orchestration service is a unique offering that allows incidents/changes to self-heal without having to raise the request. There are several benefits to it, reduced tasks and faster processes being the two of them. Agility and avoiding redundancy, in turn, is directly proportional to improved productivity. A set up that heals itself is a vision of the future.

Our Self-Healing/Orchestration service helps in better operations management. It includes various functions. For more insight into this service, contact our Support Team.

Key Features

  • »Every execution happens through micro-services (API Calls).
  • »Database driven framework design.
  • »Parametric workflow.