Self Healing / Orchestration

MIRAT Self-Healing engine has the ability of systems or environments to detect and resolve issues automatically. It auto heals incidents without raising a ticket. It is very useful to the organization for performing better operations management.

Self-Healing / Orchestration helps utmost utilization of your IT by way of finding and fixing issues. You will get consistent feedback from the Incident Management and Monitoring Tool. It makes perfect coordination among teams. There are several benefits to it, reduced tasks and faster processes being the two of them. Agility and avoiding redundancy, in turn, is directly proportional to improved productivity. A set up that heals itself is a vision of the future.

Key Features

  • »Every execution happens through micro-services (API Calls).
  • »Database driven framework design.
  • »Parametric workflow.

Why choose MIRAT:

  • »It fully supports REST APIs.
  • »Create and automate any number of workflows as per requirements.
  • »In case self-healing fails, immediately user will be intimated.