Triage Live Poll

Usually the IT people in a company have to access different systems and perform multiple tasks on a daily basis. It is a tedious job to log on each system and perform basic multiple tasks. NovelIRS provides a unique feature, Triage Live Poll, that you can perform basic administrator activities without log on to the server. The service acts as a central administrator for the entire host and collects the status of critical parameters and communicates them effectively. You can access platforms like Windows, Linux, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle etc.

Triage Live Poll can

  • »Resolve issues at customer satisfaction.
  • »Connect multiple departments remotely.
  • »Reduce 80% log-in to production systems.
  • »Minimize human errors and improve service delivery.
  • »View server performance remotely.

Why choose MIRAT:

  • »Anywhere access and centralized administration in a controlled manner.
  • »Mitigates human errors by preventing direct login to production systems.
  • »Empower engineer’s capability and speed up the resolution.