Virtual Machine Management

V-sphere Virtual Machine Management describes how to create, configure and manage virtual machines in the VM-ware V-sphere environment.

Feature Details

Creating a new Virtual Machine
  • »A virtual machine is a software computer that, like a physical computer, runs on an operating system and enables us to run various applications.Once a new virtual machine is created its required that we connect it to a particular data center, host, cluster or a resource pool.
  • »Every virtual machine has a set of virtual devices inbuilt, that enables it to function the same way a physical machine works. A virtual machine accesses the CPU, memory, storage and network connectivity from the host.

Updating the Virtual Machine

For updating a virtual machine add and re-size hard disk/memory.

Virtual Machine Clone

If we need to create a virtual machine with the same features as the existing virtual machine then vm-clone is used where all the existing data, configurations and resources are added into the new virtual machine.

Template to Virtual Machine

We here create various templates i.e. create templates from the existing virtual machines, where it can be applied to the newly created virtual machine.The template cannot be edited or turned on without converting it into a virtual machine. This process reduces the time consumed in cloning a virtual machine.

Cloning Virtual Machine to a Template

This process requires a new virtual machine with the same configurations as that of an existing template.

Vm Migration

Vm migration is the process where you move a virtual machine from one storage to another or a different host. Copying a virtual machine creates a new virtual machine.